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The Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District ("District") is a statutory special district created under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. The District evolved from three different volunteer fire companies that were organized in 1882 to protect the mining district of Breckenridge. Changes and reorganizations occurred until 1976, when a special taxing area was formed as the Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District. The District boundaries encompass Hoosier Pass to the south, Frisco town limits to the north, the Continental Divide to the east, and the Ten Mile Range to the west.


Financial management and accountability for public resources continues to be an important concept for the District. Budget, accounting and audit processes come under close public and Board of Directors’ scrutiny. Therefore, it is very important for the District to maintain and improve transparencies through accounting procedures, the creation of budgets and financial statements that are reliable, accurate and informative to all.


The District is primarily funded through local property tax revenues based on a calculation of its certified mill levy and assessed value of property. Other sources of funding include: specific ownership tax, grants and other operational and administrative service fees.

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