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Are You Wildfire Ready?

Infographic with wildfire readiness tips: Sign up for alerts, create an emergency plan, evacuation kit, protect home, spread the word.  there is accessible text of this content below.

Be Wildfire Ready

Protect What You Love

  1. Sign up for Alerts - Make sure that you sign up to receive Summit County emergency alerts for any potential wildfires or emergency situations. Sign up at SCALERTS.ORG. Follow @summitcountygov on social media for updates, too. 
  2. Emergency Plan - Create an emergency plan for your family: what to bring, where to meet, and what to do. Create an inventory list, take photos, scan important documents and know your insurance coverage. Don't forget about your pets! 
  3. Evacutation Kit - Create your evacuation kit and keep it in your car with water, food, valuables, important paperwork, cash and other neccessities. 
  4. Protect Your Home - Protect your home with fire mitigation work. Clean gutters, clear vegetation and hazards to create defensible space. Schedule a FREE consultation. 
  5. Spread the Word - Be smart, safe and spread the word. Know about fire restrictions and fire safety with campfires, cigarettes and other ignition sources. Help to spread the word by making sure your friends, family, neighbors and our visitors are "fire ready" this summer. 
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