Dean Lippert

Board of Directors
Title: Director

Mr. Lippert was appointed in 2017 to the RWB Board as a Director. He serves on the RWB facilities committee.

With a 27 year career in fire service, serving a suburb of Chicago, Mr. Lippert brings a hands-on perspective to the RWB Board. Retiring from fire service, he established a residential construction business in Summit County for 18 years. During the winter months, he stays busy working in the race department at the Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Mr. Lippert is skilled and experienced in many of the fire services’ varied response capabilities: firefighting; emergency medical services; hazardous materials; structural collapse; building inspections; and building and community safety issues. With a Fire Protection Technology degree, his focus is on safety for the Districts’ citizens and visitors. This knowledge extends to RWB response personnel, verifying they have the equipment and support needed to provide the services that their challenging profession requires for safety and efficiency.   Mr. Lippert commented, “he had watched the men and women of RWB for years and was in awe of their professionalism.” He began to dedicate his time to assist with the RWB annual open house. “When a board position became open, I felt I needed to be a part of this great organization.” He brings to the board insight that can only be gained from the actual experience of delivering the day-to-day emergency response services in a timely and effective manner.

His successful Summit County construction business afforded him practical experience in understanding the Districts’ unique alpine building design and construction requirements, area specific code and safety issues, as well as the challenges of running a small business.

Applying his background in building construction coupled with his fire service knowledge of building structures and codes, Mr. Lippert assists RWB in identifying facilities maintenance items. His input is incorporated into the Districts’ facilities maintenance program, supporting the long-term goal of extending the life span of the RWB facilities.

Mr. Lippert enjoys helping with mountain lifestyle activities such as assisting with bike races, pursuing his passion of skiing, and traveling with his wife.


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