Youth Fireplay

Youth fireplay is a leading cause of intentionally-set fires across the United States, according to a 2001 study by the National Association of Fire Marshals. Children account for more than 50% of those arrested for this crime. Even though a majority of child-set fires are started out of curiosity, not malice, the damage they cause, both in economic and human costs, is real and devastating. Youth-set fires result in over 300 deaths and 2,000 injuries annually; over $300 million in property damage and more than 400,000 incidents annually are attributed to this. Learn more about why children set fires.

Our Program

Red, White & Blue Fire District has had a youth fireplay intervention program for over 10 years. Referrals from schools, parents, the District Attorney’s Office and Probation are made and Red, White & Blue assists these children and their families with issues related to fire curiosity, fire experimentation and firesetting.

What We Offer

Red, White & Blue Fire District’s Youth Fireplay Intervention Program offers to the community:
  • Age-appropriate Curriculums
  • Community Presentations
  • Counseling Referrals
  • Education Classes
  • Firesetter Risk Assessments
  • Parent information and classes
  • Presentations to Schools, Law Enforcement and other agencies

Program Goals

One of the goals of this program is to help children realize that they are not alone. Curiosity firesetting is a very common problem with potentially disastrous results. Through the use of guest speakers, videos, tours and class discussion, we will learn what could happen during a fireplay incident.

Prior Assessments

Prior to scheduled classes, Red, White & Blue will conduct a family and youth assessment to make sure the material presented is appropriate information to educate the child. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the child’s education.