Fire Protection Systems Policy

Fire Protection Systems Policy (PDF)
The intent of this policy is to establish countywide uniformity of fire protection and life safety systems while reducing the occurrence of false activations. This policy provides additional details not covered by NFPA, and the currently adopted International Codes, as amended. The “authority having jurisdiction” (AHJ) is the organization or individual responsible for approving equipment, installation, or a procedure.

Radio Amplification Policy

Radio Amplification Policy (PDF)
The intent of this requirement is to benefit and protect the health, safety and welfare of the County’s residents by providing emergency service personnel (fire, medical, and law enforcement) the ability to operate hand held portable radios inside buildings and structures that inhibit transmission and reception of radio communications. This document establishes a uniform practice on the installation of a public safety radio amplification system to insure a reasonable degree of reliability for emergency services communication from within certain buildings and structures via the emergency communications center.

Tent Safety

Most accidents at events involve canopies. It is your job to minimize the risk. There are two general rules regarding canopies which all participants need to remember:
  • Be sure that your method of securing your canopy to the ground does not create an additional hazard
  • Your canopy shall be fully secured before setting up anything else